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Buy low, sell high

I remember my first experience of this was in middle school. This convenient store near where I lived carried this really amazing pack of gum for like $1 that I couldn’t find anywhere except that one store. I bought a pack and all my friends were obsessed with it. My first…


Why should robots walk when they can roll?

This Ingenius Robot Rolls, Unfolds, Then Scampers

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The Social Business: One suggestion for making Web conversations more civil



Scientists in Seattle want to improve the listening skills of the Web. In terms of conversation, they say, the Web is fairly social (about the level of a 2-year-old, able to express simple thoughts). However —
Communication is about listening as much as speaking. Unfortunately, our web interfaces have thus far paid scant attention to supporting listening, creating a feedback gap and likely contributing to the scorched earth nature of our web dialogue.

By turning the traditional comment box into a listen box, the level of discourse might change.  Read details of the proposed interface here

Hear, hear!


We came across this eye-popping statistic in this excellent New York Times piece and thought it deserved the full “Big Stat” treatment. The original piece provides context and addresses some of the attempts to even things out. 

we need to work on this as a country.

NYCEDC: New York tops London as city with most global clout, index shows


New York tops London as the city with the most global clout, according to the 2012 A.T. Kearney/Bloomberg Global Cities Index. This comes on the heels of four major awards and top rankings NYC has received in recent weeks on a global scale. As reported by Bloomberg News:

New York…


Taylor Wilson’s extracurricular activities bring new meaning to the concept of tinkering in the garage. At 14, he built a working nuclear fusion reactor. It didn’t generate as much energy as it consumed, but still — an impressive accomplishment. Here’s his TED talk, where he makes two arguments: This technology is the future of energy, and kids really can change the world. 

wait waht!? the looming death of the seo play


Google has said it will be penalizing sites that overly game SEO.

Which of course will likely present a problem for a lot of internet companies that have been relying on SEO for their business. There are a lot more doing so than you might think. It’s not the first time those who do have taken… another likely blow to the data play


While monetization over information delivery and communications platforms has always been relatively consistent, stable and viable over decades and multiple innovations, the software side of the internet platform business (websites, apps, etc.) had decided otherwise and adopted the what is…


“We hear a huge influx of people saying, ‘How can I get someone to help me create an infographic or a dashboard or an interactive visualization?’”

With New Tool, Wants To Replace PowerPoint With Infographics